In the early 1980’s, Dick Butcher, created a company making peanut brittle and fudge in the basement of his Elmira, Ontario home. It wasn’t long before the demand for his product necessitated the need to move to larger facilities. He very quickly outgrew the first industrial unit he moved to, so he had to move again.

Over the next 12 years, Elmira Ontario continued to be home for Horse and Buggy Brands. Dick loved Elmira, a small town located in the centre of Mennonite country, where the Mennonites still travel by horse and buggy. The name “Horse and Buggy Brands” was born from his fascination of the simplicity of these people.

The company evolved to becoming a peanut roaster and Dick became a master at developing new recipes to candy-coat his peanuts and incorporate them into mixes. Eventually, candy and deli products were introduced to compliment the line of snack foods. Back then, all the products were packaged and labeled by hand.

Unfortunately Dick passed away in April 2000. He left a legacy and a dream to be carried on by his daughter Deborah and grand-daughter Sara. They strived to maintain the high standards and quality of products that he expected.

In June 2003, Horse and Buggy Brands moved from Elmira to its current location in Cambridge, Ontario. Continuing to grow, we were in need of better facilities, and our new location provided that along with a good proximity to all major highways.

In November 2012, a new chapter began for Horse and Buggy Brands. Scott Booth took over the reigns from Deborah. So with the help of Dick’s grand-daughter Sara, we will continue to upgrade our operations and constantly search for new recipes and products to enhance our large snack food line. Things that will never change: the Quality, the Freshness and the Dedication to our Customers!

Thank you for making Horse and Buggy Brands the success it is today!

PRESIDENT Horse & Buggy Brands®